Exin ITIL Foundation Certification Exam


ITIL certification provided by EXIN is one of the most accepted frameworks for the IT service management field throughout the world. Statistics show that over 1.5 million IT professionals have earned one or more of these ITIL certifications provided by EXIN. It consist of a set of best practices which are particularly essential in the business and public sectors. With ITL by EXIN, organizations can deal with supplying, utilizing and supporting various IT services. It is expected that this practice will be used widely for guiding the IT framework in the years to come.

The ITIL best practices include 5 core publications which are stated below:

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

These 5 volumes contain everything about the ITIL service life cycle, identification of the customer needs, drivers of IT requirements, designing and implementation of the services, and then monitoring and improvement of the services.

ITIL Qualification

The ITIL qualification includes everything about the ITIL framework and it includes a series of qualifications which focus on different aspects of ITIL best practice. There are flexible options for candidates available to choose a particular discipline or area of ITIL. In order to become ITIL certified, you will have to clear ITIL foundation certification by Exin.

About Exin ITIL foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

It is the entry level qualification for ITIL that provides a candidate general awareness about the key elements, concepts and terminologies used within the ITIL service lifecycle. It also includes the concepts used between the lifecycle stages, processes and the contribution of each of these processes in the service management practices.

Once you will clear the Exin ITIL foundation exam, you will get familiar with the basics of ITIL. It is meant for those IT professionals who have adapted ITIL and they need to enhance their understanding about core ITIL concepts for contributing in the ongoing service improvements.

It is opted by those individuals in IT who want to learn about IT service management. If you want to clear the EXIN Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services exam or the EXIN Certified Integrator Agile Service Projects exam, you will have to clear the ITIL Foundation exam.

Target Audience

The target audience inlcudes those IT professionals, business process owners and business managers who use ITIL in the operations of their organizations. Clearing the Exin ITIL foundation certification, a candidate validates his understanding in IT service management. He will get to play an important role in making the performance of his organization and team better.

Exam for the Exin ITIL foundation Certificate

There are no perquisites for the Exin ITIL foundation exam. The content of the exam will include the following:

  • Service management as a practice
  • ITIL service lifecycle
  • Key principles and models
  • Generic concepts and definitions in ITIL
  • Processes. Functions, roles, technology and architecture along with training

Exam details:

The ITIL foundation Certificate exam has the following details:

  • It will be a multiple choice based exam
  • Number of questions will be 40
  • Passing criteria is 60% i.e. a candidate has to score 26 out of 40 to pass
  • It is a closed book exam
  • No electronic devices are permitted while taking the test

Becoming an Exin ITIL Foundation Certified will make you capable of using the IT service management best practices for performing and cooperating better in your organization.

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