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Question: 11

The paper manufacturer you buy paper from works with The Forest Stewardship Council. What does this mean?

  1. The paper aligns with responsible forest use.
  2. The paper is only made of new fiber from trees.
  3. 50% of the paper’s content is recycled.
  4. 100% of the paper’s content is recycled.

Answer: A  

Question: 12

Which IT alternative(s) can help cut down travel expenses?

  1. Electronics documents
  2. Telepresence
  3. Virtualization

Answer: B

Question: 13

How does IT in general, or more specifically Green IT, help to decrease worldwide carbon emissions?

  1. IT is responsible for the operation of large windmill parks.
  2. IT reduces the need for transportation.
  3. IT uses very little energy.

Answer: B

Question: 14

What is true about screensavers?

  1. Screensavers cause a computer to use more energy than switching off the monitor.
  2. Screensavers save on energy by putting the monitor in a sleep state.
  3. Screensavers using a bright, colored background use the same amount of energy as with black backgrounds.

Answer: A   

Question: 15

What does influence the cost of electricity?

  1. The cost of fuel and capital
  2. The cost of transmission and local distribution
  3. Regulation
  4. Answer: A   

Question: 16

What does the operational cost of a printer include?

  1. Electrical consumption, ink consumption , nd service levels
  2. Electrical consumption, paper consumption and ink consumption
  3. Paper consumption and ink consumption

Answer: A

Question: 17

What is environmental responsibility about?

  1. Protecting the health, balance and diversity of human and natural resources
  2. The need to consider the well being of the environment
  3. Both

Answer: C

Question: 18

You work in a typical office building and the lights are always on. Using which lighting source could make the most significant dent in energy use?

  1. 30-Watt Fluorescent bulbs
  2. 40-Watt Fluorescent bulbs
  3. Incandescent bulbs

Answer: A    

Question: 19

What is according to many experts one of the most obvious opportunities for companies to cut costs and achieve green goals?

  1. Exclusive partnerships with vendors and other parties that work according to a green road map. It ensures a maximum energy waste reduction.
  2. Meeting the requirements of an environmental standard (such as IEEE 1680). It will ensure more cost effective implementation of green goals.
  3. Configure power management setting to desktop computers and lowering power consumption by IT substantially

Answer: C

Question: 20

Why is virtualization important for green IT?

  1. Virtualization enables fewer physical servers leaving a smaller footprint and using less power.
  2. Virtualization increases network speed and therefore decreases the required hours of processing.
  3. Virtualization reduces costs and environmental waste from employees’ travel.

Answer: A

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